How to Detect If Someone Put a GPS Tracking Device on My Car?

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How to Detect If Someone Put a GPS Tracking Device on My Car?

If you’re like most individuals location autolaveuse, you could be wondering how to detect if a person has put a GPS monitoring device on your car or truck. GPS Tracking devices are becoming so small, they’re generally the size of a pack of cigarettes, and a few are even as small as a quarter! With devices that little, they can be tough to detect, particularly if you’ve got a large motor vehicle.

The first thing that you need to know is that there are two Distinct kinds GPS monitoring devices:

This implies whoever set a GPS logger onto your car might need to put it on your car, and then retrieve it later to be able to view the driving data, which can be stored on the device. A favorite example of this is that the Sleuthgear iTrail GPS Logger, that is only 1.5″X1.5″ large.


A GPS Tracker is an active device, which means it knowingly transmits your place “reside”, usually into a secure site, where the person who placed it can view where you are and driving data by means of an internet browser or special application. As soon as
they place it on the market, they don’t need to retrieve it, they can just see the information online. They will likely return later though, since the battery life on busy tracker is generally less than 30 days.

This is where knowing the distinction between the 2 kinds of tracking devices is vital. A GPS Logger (such as the iTrail GPS) may only be discovered manually – meaning you’ll need to physically search for it. The cause of this is because since they do not actively transmit a sign (that they simply store info to the device), then a bug detector or bug sweeper won’t be able to pick up any type of transmission or sign. If you guess that you could have a GPS logger onto your vehicle, the first place to look for it is below the car. Here is the most popular spot to conceal a GPS tracking device, and can be accomplished by placing the device inside a magnetic case, which firmly attaches to the metal on the underside of your vehicle. Other places to look are in the glove box, center console, along with the truck (including under the spare tire).

If you guess that you might have an active GPS Tracker on your vehicle, a manual search is always the first step. Look under the vehicle, at the glove box, and at the trunk. These kind of units are usually larger than GPS Loggers since they need a larger battery so as to actively carry a sign. If you don’t have time to do some manual search, you are in luck, since busy GPS Trackers can be easily discovered by a GPS Detector.

There is an adjustable sensitivity knob that lets you hone in on the specific location of the tracker, so you can remove it from your automobile.

A GPS detection device will also detect cell phone signs, because mobile phones are commonly used as makeshift GPS monitoring devices, because owners of cell phones can frequently use a “find” feature of their phone to find out where it’s at.

So if you want to discover if someone has put a GPS tracking device on your vehicle, first run a manual search, and for a quicker and simpler search, use a GPS Detector.


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